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Sitting in Bangkok Airport

I’ve got 2 hours to kill and I’m sitting in Bangkok airport.

I’ve just travelled half way round the world to stay true to my passion. The thing that makes me sing, my art.I don’t know what’s going to come from this but I have a sense that it will be big. I’ve got some big questions to answer almost creationist questions, that will be answered.

Sounds serious.

To me it is. Not life threatening rather life altering.

Art is changing. The way people view it, what they expect from the encounter and what the pundits call art. I can buy art at the Reject Shop for $50 on sale, pay money to view excrement that is art and immerse myself in installed art that is transitory.

So what’s the purpose of art? To provide an interpretation of the world that has impact, moves the viewer, enriches their lives, causes them to think? I would say all those things.

What concerns me most is the use of technology to create art. It seems to me that there is a clear and present danger of the technology becoming the artist not the tool. We become so smart and intent on the end result that the journey is lost, experience is lost, we create art as we feel the consumer wants to see it not as what it is, the outpouring of a creative mind.

A question for this trip is, how do I create art that combines visual and textile in a manner that will open up peoples’ experience of art. I want people to use art, live with art, gain pleasure from its existence in their lives, everyday!

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