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In October and November of this year I will be travelling to Odisha state in India to take up an artist’s residency. The theme of the residency is “LINK. The Never Ending Thread” and it is for “all visual artists who are wishing to gain access to the traditional Indian textile art”. Only a ten Indian National and International Artists are invited to be part of this residency.

Full information can be found at

My aim is to create a body of work that can be exhibited in Australia that portrays my journey in India and the link between India and Australia. The work will include a major textile piece (wall hanging/textile mural), sketches and paintings, mixed media, verse, and music in collaboration with musicians I meet in Odisha.

I have identified and I am organising exhibitions during 2018/19 in Newcastle region, the Hunter Valley and at the Tamworth Regional Gallery.

My online presence will be strong and effective. Starting with social media coverage from the month before I leave, continuing during the residency and ongoingly over the life of the body of work created during and after the residency.

I will be posting every 2-3 days on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram and Pintrest plus this blog on my website.

I am a member of NAVA (National Association of Visual Arts), HAN (Hunter Arts Network), NCEATA (Newcastle Creative Embroiderers and Textile Artists ), a TAFE Alumni and I post regularly to their members. Through LinkedIn and Facebook I have a professional profile with contacts in all industries and personally in the 35 to 65 age group.

I am looking for an Organisation or Companys to come with me and they will be recognised on every post, every tweet, every printed or electronic marketing action for the life of this residency and exhibitions. My social media will drive people to their website.

Formal recognition will last for 2 years but ongoing reference to the residency in India and its outcome will go on for over 5 years.

I am looking for sponsorship in the form of money or product.

If you have a business that could supply some of my needs or you can support me with up to $2000 to go toward my airfares or residency I will tailor a plan of exposure for you. If your contribution is upward of $1000 we can treat it as purchase of artwork which could be a piece from the collection or a commission) and you would get exposure plus artwork that could be hung privately or in your organisation.

I expect that this residency is just the start of a link with DISC in India that I will continue for the life of my art practice. Your support of me in sponsorship of this residency will reward you today with positive PR and forever as a patron of art.
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