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My Chiropractor has Healing Hands and a Heart of Gold!

Support networks are important. Your family, friends, doctor, hairdresser, favourite barista, everyone of them is the glue that holds your life together. You could be someone else's glue.

These people are in your life and they make it better, no big deal! That until they do something unexpected.

In just 3 weeks I'm flying to India to take up an textile and visual artist's residency for 2 months in the state of Odisha. When I got word WOW what an opportunity then the realities of cost came into it.

I'll being flying from Sydney to Kolkata to Bhubaneswar and return plus staying overnight in Bhubaneswar on the way there. So flights, accommodation and my art supplies. I want to take a basic kit of journals, some paper, charcoal, graphite, watercolour pencils and gouache to start. My plan is to document my experiences through thoughts and pictures and share those in my blog (shared to Instagram and Facebook).

So I put it out there, I need help to go on my journey. Who's going to help me?

Enter Jeremy Villani NEW LAMBTON FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC. A warm and giving family practice providing professional friendly and comprehensive care to all. Babies, teens, mums, dads, grandparents, myself and my son, we all owe Jeremy and Helen Villani ongoing gratitude everytime we stand up straight, go to sleep without back pain and generally get around.

So Jeremy and Helen are special friends on my journey and I recommend them 110% to any and all!

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